Medical Journal blames disabled people “who want to live”

September 16, 2009

Medical Journal blames disabled people “who want to live”

An editorial appearing in the prestigious British Medical Journal (BMJ) has blamed disabled people “who want to live” for the difficulties surrounding the debate in the UK on assisted suicide. Tony Delamothe, deputy editor of the BMJ, bluntly admitted that he is in favour of assisted suicide, reports Hilary White,

“The debate on assisted dying has been hijacked by disabled people who want to live. It needs to be reclaimed for terminally ill people who want to die,” he wrote.

Personally I do agree with people’s right… to live or to die, but right I think that the debate should be “hijacked by disabled people who want to live” even though I want the right to die. If my wanting to die causes other people to be forced into situations where they might die or be pressured into suicide, I’m morally and ethically complicit in their death, whether i know about their particular situation or not. And that goes for anyone who would assist my suicide.

If right to die people can’t come up with an iron-clad solution that protects the rights of vulnerable individuals, then their cause is unethical. And to deny that vulnerable individuals will be pressured into choosing suicide is to deny their vulnerable individual status, their alienation and marginalization in the first place. Untenable. Just a thought.

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