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Video Released By Autism Speaks Outrages Autistics

September 27th, 2009

If this video does anything, it makes the autistic child look like a lost victim of a plague that wasn’t caught in time, the parents failures for not ‘catching it in time’ and the autistic community a group of pariahs. It uses scare tactics and I feel veiled threats that feel to me more like a marketing campaign than a personal expression of the creators (the spin that I’ve read AS has put on this). Sure. Express yourself… your anger and pain as a parent… but don’t post it on “Autism Speaks” because if you’re not on the autistic spectrum, you aren’t speaking as part of the broad diversity of autistics… you’re speaking as a parent of autistic children (according to AS), and your voice shouting loud, full of fear and negativity, merely silences us, victimizes us in the eyes of society, marginalizes our potential contribution to society, and creates a culture that can seek to further exclude us for our difference. Watch the video… do you want the child, as portrayed, playing with your children? That child is portrayed as tainted.

Autism Speaks presents us as puzzles and broken children… not the puzzle solving remarkable individuals history suggests we are.

Groups Outraged Over Video Released By Autism Speaks

A group of leading disability organizations is calling on Autism Speaks’ benefactors to end their support for the organization. The move comes in response to a video distributed by Autism Speaks which critics say depicts people with autism as less than human and burdens on society.

The video, which aired at Autism Speaks’ World Focus on Autism event earlier this week in New York, features two parts.

The first part shows young people with autism as a voice-over declares, “I am autism.” The man’s voice continues by describing autism as a disorder that works “faster than pediatric AIDS, cancer and diabetes combined,” will ensure that your marriage fails, will bankrupt you, cause you not to sleep and make it “virtually impossible” to go out in public without experiencing embarrassment or pain.

The second portion of the video features more hopeful images. The voice-overs declare that through love for their children, parents and others will work tirelessly to overcome the challenges autism presents.

In response, disability advocates are now coming together to condemn the video, which they say is part of a pattern of behavior by the nation’s largest autism advocacy organization.

In a letter being prepared for open circulation next week, the group of advocates say the video is a “fundraising tool” that relies on “fear, stigma, misinformation and prejudice against autistic people.” The letter will be sent to Autism Speaks donors, sponsors and supporters and it will be posted publicly, organizers say.

Already the American Association of People with Disabilities, ADAPT and TASH are among the organizations that have signed on to the letter organized by the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network. Other organizations are now reviewing the document….

The group of advocates go on to ask the public to no longer support Autism Speaks and instead find new ways to support people with autism and other disabilities.

“Autism Speaks believes that its bottom line will be helped by portraying autistic people as less than human,” says Ari Ne’eman, president of the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network. “This is really damaging if you’re trying to get your child included in school or if you’re an autistic person trying to find a job or get included in society more broadly.”

When asked about the video, Autism Speaks representatives tried to distance the organization from the short film, which appears on the group’s Web site and includes home videos solicited through the organization….

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Medical Journal blames disabled people “who want to live”

September 16th, 2009

Medical Journal blames disabled people “who want to live”

An editorial appearing in the prestigious British Medical Journal (BMJ) has blamed disabled people “who want to live” for the difficulties surrounding the debate in the UK on assisted suicide. Tony Delamothe, deputy editor of the BMJ, bluntly admitted that he is in favour of assisted suicide, reports Hilary White,

“The debate on assisted dying has been hijacked by disabled people who want to live. It needs to be reclaimed for terminally ill people who want to die,” he wrote.

Personally I do agree with people’s right… to live or to die, but right I think that the debate should be “hijacked by disabled people who want to live” even though I want the right to die. If my wanting to die causes other people to be forced into situations where they might die or be pressured into suicide, I’m morally and ethically complicit in their death, whether i know about their particular situation or not. And that goes for anyone who would assist my suicide.

If right to die people can’t come up with an iron-clad solution that protects the rights of vulnerable individuals, then their cause is unethical. And to deny that vulnerable individuals will be pressured into choosing suicide is to deny their vulnerable individual status, their alienation and marginalization in the first place. Untenable. Just a thought.

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Spanking Kids in School Still Common, Especially Among Disabled | The Autism News

September 1st, 2009

Spanking Kids in School Still Common, Especially Among Disabled | The Autism News

a new study by the ACLU and Human Rights Watch, as reported here and here. More than 200,000 U.S. schoolchildren were subjected to corporal punishment during the 2006-2007 school year, the study shows. And the South has a big lead in whacking schoolkids, with Texas, Mississippi and Alabama holding the top three spots.Paddlings in school are still legal in 20 states, and the report suggests they are quite common, based on 202 interviews with parents, teachers, students and school officials, plus federal Education Department data. The courts haven’t afforded students in classrooms the same protection as criminals have against cruel and unusual punishment.Many pediatricians now advise against corporal punishment; some research suggests spanking makes behavior problems worse. And while I admit to having harbored now and then a fleeting wish that my kids’ teachers could smack fellow students whose behavior disrupted class, I never would seriously advocate such a thing.In the saddest finding of the ACLU study, children with disabilities, especially autism, drew corporal punishment at a far higher rate than others, the study found. Children with autism were often punished for behaviors linked to the condition, because teachers lacked the knowledge, training or patience to use other methods of behavior control.

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Judge Sentences Alabama Woman To Death For Murder Of Autistic Son – WHNT

August 6th, 2009

Judge Sentences Alabama Woman To Death For Murder Of Autistic Son – WHNT

Judge Dempsey also wrote in his sentencing order, “To intentionally murder your child by burning him is shockingly evil.”

During the trial, the state presented evidence that Mason, who was autistic, had a total of $175,000 worth of life insurance when he died. Christie Scott took out a $100,000 policy the day before her son died. Someone had also removed expensive jewelry and pictures from the home. Investigators also found an undamaged smoke detector in the ashes. It was believed to have been taken down before the fire.

Defense attorney Robert Tuten argued the fire was accidental and there was no proof Scott set the fire. Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing contended Scott set the fire to collect her son’s life insurance money and to relieve herself of the burden of caring for an autistic child. Rushing pushed for the death penalty.

“To me, the fact that she chose that manner of death for a child that was scared of fire puts her in a category that not only is possible for death, it definitely deserves the death penalty,” says Rushing….

In their verdict, jurors found Scott guilty of three counts of capital murder:
Capital murder for pecuniary/monetary gain
Capital murder committed during first-degree arson
Capital murder of a person younger than 14 years of age

I just don’t know what to say. Here it is autism related, but other times you hear about it being about family honour. I don’t support the death penalty myself, and I can’t say that I support it here. Selfish criminal homicidal stupidity that allows you to not see someone as human and worthy of life… that’s what strikes me. And the ability of people to see people who are different as non-human is what astounds me, and it is something that I think is both learned and repairable over time. Not with her… but societally. That’s what is motivating me about notions of inclusive education.

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Facebook sez, “Don’t mind us, we’re just whoring out your photos”

July 17th, 2009

Facebook sez, “Don’t mind us, we’re just whoring out your photos”. So, they can use YOUR photos, even the photos of your friends and children in advertisements, and yes, you gave them permission. Read the article to see how to turn it off though… Opt out, of course.

I would not be using facebook except that it is my job to know about social media. It is a really slimy operation.

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Security Fix – PCs Used in Korean DDoS Attacks May Self Destruct

July 10th, 2009

PCs Used in Korean DDoS Attacks May Self Destruct

There are signs that the concerted cyber attacks targeting U.S. and Korean government and commercial Web sites this past week are beginning to wane. Yet, even if the assaults were to be completely blocked tomorrow, the attackers could still have one last, inglorious weapon in their arsenal: New evidence suggests that the malicious code responsible for spreading this attack includes instructions to overwrite the infected PC’s hard drive.

According to Joe Stewart, director of malware research at SecureWorks, the malware that powers this attack — a version of the Mydoom worm — is designed to download a payload from a set of Web servers. Included in that payload is a Trojan horse program that overwrites the data on the hard drive with a message that reads “memory of the independence day,” followed by as many “u” characters as it takes to write over every sector of every physical drive attached to the compromised system.

Such an order would spell certain disaster for many tens of thousands of Microsoft Windows PCs. Several experts I spoke with yesterday and today estimated that between 60,000 and 100,000 systems may be infected with this potentially suicidal malware.

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Republican Derides Gov. Spending to Feed Hungry Children

June 23rd, 2009

Gawd Bless the American Right

Republican Missouri Rep, Derides Gov. Spending to Feed Hungry Children: They can Get Free Food at Church or Get a Job!

Cynthia Davis, a conservative Christian Republican State Rep. from Missouri, is against government spending to feed hungry children during the summer, claiming if they were allowed to go hungry, children old enough would be more likely to get a job so they can eat. “Hunger can be a positive motivator,” declared Davis, in her weekly Capitol Report column that is a case study in conservative callousness towards the poor.
In a bizarre display of tone-deafness, which is extreme even by the standards of the most hard-hearted of conservatives who are against government “hand outs’ of any kind, Rep. Davis railed against an innocuous press release announcing Missouri’s Summer Food Service Program, which plans to feed thousands of low-income children during the summer months.
Taking issue with the premise that the recession makes summer food programs more important than ever, Davis believes “[t]he reverse may be true,” because families can economize by doing without twinkies and chips and thereby save money to buy beans to feed their children. She accuses government officials of using the economic “crisis” (she added the quote marks) as an excuse for more government spending of her tax dollars.
How dare the government spend her hard earned tax dollars to feed poor children? Outraged that the summer program cost $9.8 million, “[t]hat money is coming from us,” said Davis. She proposes that hungry children instead, should be forced to rely on the charity of friends and neighbors and go to church for a free meal, like “…they did when Louisiana had a hurricane,” helpfully added Davis.

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YouTube – Iran, Tehran: wounded girl dying in front of camera

June 20th, 2009

YouTube – Iran, Tehran: wounded girl dying in front of camera

Why are we silent? This video hurts to watch… and I think it should be broadcast on Television. If this is a government in power, all other governments are responsible for not taking action. Governments must police each other. They are not gods unto themselves.


TechLaw: Provocative Ruling in Facebook v. Power Ventures

May 23rd, 2009

TechLaw: Provocative Ruling in Facebook v. Power Ventures

Takeaways for Web users: Like they say on the playground, you can pick your friends, you can pick your data. But you can’t pick your friend’s data.

Well, that’s nice to know. What facebook knows about me that cannot be easily found out on the net is who my friends are… my social network. Most of the other data there is public. I wonder if I can copyright all my own data and information and charge people who access it :) Can I place myself under a license agreement… hmmm.


Twilight & New Moon: Plagarized?!

April 19th, 2009

Twilight & New Moon: Plagarized?! Her own professor says so!


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